Dumbbell Ab Workouts

So you are looking to workout your abs? Not many people realize that there are a number of dumbbell ab workouts that you can perform that target the abs, too many people believe that to train the abs it takes endless amounts of crunches, this is not the case. The exercises highlighted in this post will help you lose stubborn fat around the stomach area and help to tone your abdominal muscles.

dumbbell ab workouts

Just remember that if you are working out for fat loss your training should be different than if you are looking to build muscle:

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Dumbbell Ab Workouts

Dumbbell Side Bends

The dumbbell side bend is a great way to target both the obliques and the lower back through a non-intensive dumbbell exercise.

To perform a dumbbell side bend you need to:

1) Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Your dumbbell should be in your right hand coming down from your body, your other hand should be rested on your hip.

2) While keeping the rest of your body perfectly still bend from your waist to the right allowing the dumbbell to slide down your body and then return to starting position.

3) Switch hands and repeat for the desired number of repetitions

Exercise Modifications

1) Try holding the dumbbell over your head when performing this exercise for a more intense workout.

2) Hold a dumbbell in each hand bend right and down and then return to starting position and go left and down.

Weighted Crunch

So you probably know how to do a crunch, what a lot of people don’t know however is that they can take their crunches up a notch by using a dumbbell with them.

There are a number of different ways you can perform a dumbbell crunch; one way is like in the picture above whereby you hold the dumbbell out vertically infront of you.

Another way is to hold the dumbbell across your chest as you are performing the crunch. Obviously this may be inconvenient depending on what dumbbells you use. Just try moving the dumbbells into different positions to see which is best for you.

Exercise Modifications

As I just mentioned you can vary where you hold the dumbbell to give yourself an easier/harder workout, you can also move your legs as well to make it more difficult, try tucking your legs in and up like you are doing bicycle kicks or have them going vertically for a killer workout!

Weighted Leg Raise

The weighted leg raise is exactly how it sounds, instead of a normal leg raise you are going to grip a dumbbell between the arches of your feet and then perform a leg raise! With this exercise you just need to make sure that before you attempt you have absolute control over the dumbbell, you do not want to be dropping that thing at the top of the movement believe me!

Getting Six Pack Abs

I can guarantee that a large number of people who are reading this are doing so because they are interested in getting six pack abs just like the guy at the very beginning of this post! Am I right? Well for those of you that are you may be interested to know that exercise is not right for you.

If you tense your abs right now and they feel strong but you still cannot see the clear definition of a six pack, it is likely that a layer of belly fat is stopping you from seeing them. If you have a strong core then all you need is to lose a few pounds around the mid-drift and you will start seeing some definite signs of six pack abs. Diet progams like EatStopEat can help you lose this bit of weight without going too overboard on the healthy eating side of things, if that is the way you want to go. Click here to learn more about how EatStopEat works

If when you tense your abs they do not feel that strong, then as well as the exercises mentioned above you might consider doing some core strengthening exercises like the plank and side plank to get a good strong foundation.

Rounding Off

Basically this post is just to highlight that you can use dumbbells to train your abs, however if you are looking to get six pack abs then losing some body fat may be the answer instead of increasing the muscle mass of your abs through training. One thing that wasn’t mentioned in this post was that a lot of free weight exercises assist you in developing a strong core, so sometimes specifically targeting the abs is just overkill!

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