Exercises For Back Fat – Get Rid of That Overhanging Back Fat With These Back Fat Workouts

Exercises for Back Fat

Back fat can be a disaster for women, it severely restricts the clothing that can be worn and can be a major downer on a woman’s confidence. Back fat is directly related to Belly Fat so you should also check out this post on How to Lose Belly Fat.

These exercises for back fat shown below can be used to help get rid of those unattractive bulges around the band of the bra and the overhanging fat from the waistband of your pants.

These exercises are designed to burn fat without building muscle so you will get that nice slender look without getting big beefy muscles. Rusty Moore has made a great video about how the fitness industry is turning women into miniature versions of men and what you can do about it. So if you just want a slim feminine physique without bulking up too much you should click here to take a look at this video for yourself

Some of these exercises make use of dumbbells. Make sure that you do not use too heavy of a weight when performing these exercises, heavy weights and low reps build muscle, low weights and high reps tone muscle and burn fat. We are looking to burn fat and tone up the muscle for a nice slender appearance so you are going to want to use low weights for high reps.

Get Rid of Back Fat Exercises

Use these exercises to finally get rid of that bulge around the bra area and the overhang around the waistband.

Bent-Over Row

With this exercise you will need to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly and bend over around 45degrees.

Now while keeping the same stance grab your dumbbells one in either hand and lift them up to your abdomen.

Then slowly lower the dumbbells back toward the ground to complete the rep.

Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is often associated with being a predominantly ab focused cardio workout. However what people dont realise is that a lot of workouts that target the abs will also play a crucial role in getting rid of that stubborn back fat. So exercises like the mountain climber are great for tackling this area.

You can try changing up this exercise by moving your right leg up toward your left arm and your left leg up toward your right arm.

Some more cardio exercises that you might try using as part of your workout to get rid of back fat are:

  • Knee-Cross Crunch
  • The Rocket Jump
  • Plyo Shuffle
  • Wrap Twist
  • Lateral Jump
  • Side Imprint

Performing these exercises for back fat and belly fat, will give your whole midsection a strong workout, which will help give your body that nice slender look.

What you could think about doing is taking 3-4 of these workouts and instead of performing X amount of reps, perform 1 minute of continuous exercise for each. So for example you could have just finished doing your bent over rows for 12 reps, then you put down the dumbbells and perform:

  1. Knee-Cross Crunches -- 1 Min
  2. Lateral Jumps -- 1 Min
  3. Wrap Twists -- 1 Min

Then you could pick back up your dumbbells and perform this next back fat exercise:

Dumbbell Side Bends

Dumbbell side bends are really easy to perform and give a surprisingly great workout. To start you should hold a dumbbell in each hand at your side.

Now you are going to lower the dumbbell on one side of your body as far as you can go, keeping your back straight and only bending at your waist. Then you are going to come back to the starting position and do the same thing but for the other side of your body.

With this exercise you can afford to increase the weight of the dumbbell, just be sure not to go too heavy and overdo it.

These exercises if used correctly as part of a fat loss training program (see below) and in conjunction with the correct diet will ensure that you lose that back and belly fat.

To really get into good shape you are going to need a full exercise program, and there is no better program available today than Visual Impact for Women. This guide is specifically tailored to women who want that natural feminine physique without putting on excess bulky muscle, why not watch this presentation and let Rusty explain how his program works…

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  1. Cyrus Hemmert

    I got rid of my backfat by getting rid of the flat tyre around my midsection. The fat on the back just fell away with all the rest of my fat.

    I used Interval training a lot (I think you talk about this in another post somewhere) and I think that really helped. Nowadays I just do steady state cardio for the non-fatloss benefits as I am already in shape!

  2. Stacey Affeld

    I was going to use Visual Impact for Women as I have a slight overhang myself but I decided not to because I do not have access to any equipment

  3. Lance

    @Stacey – I understand, however all that is really required is a place to workout and a set of dumbbells. Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive these days as you do not need anything too flash just a stable set that is not going to fall apart on you!

    @Cyrus – Interval training is an excellent fat loss method. I think the post you are referring to is this one: HIIT Training – Interval Training for Fat Loss

  4. Amber Hughes

    Thanks for posting this, my problem area has always been my lower back, makes it so bad i hate wearing bikinis!

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